KeyLine Mag March 2016 - Page 7

we the best music group artist steph lecor She's a Haitian born, but Miami raised artist that is burst through doors in 2015. Her name is Steph Lecor and after having a meeting with DJ Khaled, she became the first R&B artist signed to “We The Best Music Group”. Since being signed in June of this year, she has released her first song entitled “Saturday” and she was featured on hip hop artist Lil George song entitled “Sauce”. Both songs pack a nice bass line. While listening to “Saturday” one would think that Steph has always been a rapper, but technically this was the first song she has ever rapped on. She openly admits to being very nervous about recording at first, but the finished product turned out great. Steph first stepped into the industry as being a backup singer for Kymani Marley on the Van Halen tour. Before touring she had a huge fear of performing, but due to her being in front of huge crowds it helped and pushed her in overcoming this. After touring the world, in 2009 she teamed up with Jase and City, and they formed the international pop group “Kulture Shock”. They were signed on Po Boy Records and released songs called “Sweet Life” and “Prom Night. Now that she is signed with We The Best Music Group, we can't wait to see what else she has in store for us. Be on the lookout for what this diverse and talented artist brings to us in 2016.