KeyLine Mag March 2016 - Page 11

Keyz: Now to some fitness ques ons: I'm a person that concentrates mainly on my core. I'm currently working on having a fla er tummy. Plus I know there a lot of moms trying to lose baby fat a er having a C-Sec on. Do you have any sugges ons on any exercise techniques and healthy meals that will help me target that area? Reggie: When it comes to your core and having a nice stomach or a six pack, nutri on is the most important thing. You can workout your core everyday, but if you are not ea ng clean you are was ng your me. My advice would be to eat 5 small meals a day, which will speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat . Five meals include, breakfast, morning snack, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Combine that with cardio at least 3 mes a week and you will definitely see a big change in your core and in your whole body. Keyz: I no ced that as men get older in age, it seems harder for them to maintain muscle unless they are taking supplements, do you know why this is? And if so, are there any supplements that work for them? Any workout sugges ons that would help them target their arms, chest, and core? Photo Taken by: iCandy Photos cover story: reggie cooper Reggie: My opinion for men that get older in age to maintain muscle. I think this is where gene cs play a big part of a man's body. I have a friend that is in Fitness, Alex Keenan Sr., and he is 62 and looks amazing. Yes I believe supplements do help at any age like protein, glutamine, and BCAA. I feel when you re your body out with exercise, it's best you take good supplements for a speedy recovery. For a be er chest and arms I like to super set my workouts with High Reps for example; bench press 225 for 12 reps and 10 pushups a er every set. For my arms I will do bicep curls standing with dumbbells (50 pounds) for 10 reps then hammer curls for 10 reps that's one set. I do anywhere from 5 to 6 set on all my movements. Keyz: Women now a day want to have a nice behind. Is there any exercise rou ne that will help a woman accomplish this? Reggie: Ladies if you want a be er behind the best exercises are squats, sumo squats, hack squat, explosive lunges, and squat kick backs.