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doc Spring 2016 • Kentucky “I feel fortunate to have good health and supportive relationships at home. I think it’s important to have other professionals to talk with. Ideally they are in your workplace, but if not then outside the office.” – Russell Eldridge you disabled? partners remind each other of the need to set limits and regularly take time off. His partners are all hard workers and have good working relationships that include this important aspect of peer protection, self-care and well-being. He believes health care organizations should spend more time encouraging such collegial relationships. Elvis Donaldson has been an oncology partner of Eldridge’s for many years and says ‘he truly listens to his patients and is empathic to their needs. His practical, down-to-earth manner makes people feel comfortable. I can’t imagine anybody feeling uncomfortable in conversation with Russ. Even when there is no more treatment available, he explains ‘we will support you and see that you have the highest quality of life possible.’” Lorraine Le Stephens is Eldridge’s office nurse and describes him as ‘kind-hearted’. She adds, “He makes sure he introduces himself to each person in the room- not just the patient. As an oncologist, he knows he is not only taking care of the patient but working with their family member/care provider to care for the patient as a team. Dr. Eldridge always sits down at the patient’s level to talk. He allows the patient to ask questions or discuss concerns, and after taking care of the patient’s needs, he always asks if the family member/care provider has any questions.” He reminds the family caregivers that taking good care of their loved ones includes taking good care of themselves. He reminds them “You don’t have a cape on your back and a big red ‘S’ on your shirt. You are not Superman or Superwoman.” Andrew Merrill is supervisor of counseling for Hospice of the Bluegrass, where Eldridge provides end-of-life and palliative care in-service for staff. He describes Eldridge’s approach as bridging the gap between aggressive care to prolong life versus supportive and compassionate care. Kim Wilder is administrative director for orthopedics at Baptist Health Lexington, where she has worked as an RN for many years. She says “I love him. He is wonderful with nurses as well as patients.” She recalls being apprehensive 18 years ago having to call and wake Dr. Eldridge at 5 AM about a dangerously low platelet count on an ICU patient on ventilator support. She remembers him saying – “I just want to thank you for calling me about this patient.” This was such an unexpected and welcome response Continued on Next Page... experienced representatives for social security disability or ssi benefits Get the benefits you rightly deserve! FREENOCONSULTATION FEES UNLESS YOU WIN! Our friendly staff will guide and support you in obtaining the benefits you rightly deserve. We have 60 years of combined experience in Social Security, Disability, SSI and Childhood SSI Cases. pamela hofer Paralegal Local Advocate We are not the social security administration. • • • • Are you unable to work? Do you think you are disabled? Do you need to apply for disability? Have you been denied? 1-800-360-8895 9