Kentucky Doc Spring 2016 - Page 10

10 doc • Spring 2016 Kentucky  He allows the patient to ask questions or discuss concerns, and after taking care of the patient’s needs, he always asks if the family member/care provider has any questions. from a doctor, she jokingly recalls wanting to ask, ‘”Are you sure you have an MD after your name?” Regarding the ways in which he sustains compassion in his life, he says “Home has to be a good place. It’s hard to remain compassionate if home life is a struggle.” He feels fortunate to have found a part of medicine that “fits me”. He explains, “Oncology has scientific and clinical questions that intrigue and stimulate me. At the same time, I’m most comfortable in clinical areas where I get to know the patient as a person. To help learn about the patient as a person, I often ask, “Where did you grow up? Where do you live? What do you do? Who/what matters to you?“ Regarding our responsibility to train and educate medical students and residents to prope