KEITRE skateboards 5 years - Page 9

TEAM We’ve stared our adventure with our friend Niccolo Weiser from Trieste, Italy. Very talented transition skater. We had a few years fruitful collabo- ration but after some time we went separate ways. Niccolo is no longer active in skateboarding community. The second skater who was with us in 2014 was Marek Knytl from Czech Republic. He had given us so much! Under the KEITRE brand he skated some contests (Mystic CUP, GRANDPRIX Beroun) with great re- sults! Where is he now? He still skating and working on his “trap singer” career, he’s one of the top Czech skaters, thanks man! The third skater that joined the team in 2014 was Alessandro Benedetti from Trieste, Italy. He skated for KEITRE one year. A very good skater with an incredible balance. Now he lives in Milan and is sponsored by another skateboard company from Italy. It was very nice to have the op- portunity to have him in the team. In the end of the 2014 beginning of 2015 we have expanded our team even further and started to sponsor another skater from Trieste, Italy. The Italian-Ukrainian Orest Heryliv. Master of pop! Unfortunately, he had some health problems that led him to skate less and less. Nowa- days he skates sometimes for pure enjoyment! Our second design in 2014 was characterised by the Japanese maple :)