KEITRE skateboards 5 years - Page 5

KEITRE’s one of most important goals is to help grow skaters that go unnoticed, specially those who come from smaller cities. To give the opportunity to youngsters from the provinces. For the moment we are doing it very well. Not for bragging, but our riders had grown a lot! All this would not be possible without all the people who believed in us from day one. KEITRE would not be where it is now without our designer ‘Pizza 4 siri’. His designs back-up our philosophy and made KEITRE’s decks the ‘backbone’ of the company. Another huge thank you goes to Luka Mahne which has contributed a lot to our growth. Thank you! Thanks to all those who believed in us. And still do. Thanks to all our customers who supported us by buying our products! Big thanks to all who follow us on social media. Thank you so much!!! Luca Bartole