KEITRE skateboards 5 years - Page 36

Behind all KEITRE designs is our graphic designer Aleš Šimon (@pizza4siri). Here is a brief interview with him. Enjoy! How do you remember your first board graphic and how did you evolve after that? I did it in one day and after that I’ve tried to maintain some continuity in design and to stay loyal to the fonts and the conception. How do you see the current state of skate art? I have seen many artists, photographers working on board graphics... I don’t like when they use just photos on the board, it’s too easy and is lacking imagination in my opinion. The state of skate art on the other hand caters to everyone because there are more than a million skate compa- nies, so you can find whatever you like and associate. Looking back, what is your favorite graphic? Fingers… its funny :) And graphics from other artists? All graphics of Toy machine, Zero and Habitat.