KEITRE skateboards 5 years - Page 26

2018 was the year of stability. We managed to create a team that works great. We went back to Barcelona with a massive team, filmed a lot of tricks and had fun. Basically all good vibes wrapped up the team and made it compact! After Barcelona we did some short tours in Italy, Slo- venia and Croatia. A lot of excellent footage was filmed. Our video of the 2017 Barcelona tour had been published on RIDE CHANNEL. That was the highlight and a result of a great 2017. In 2018 we can also see how our designer Pizz4siri grew and become more accurate in designs details. TEAM During this year we added three new riders to the team. First was Mari- no Mazarekić from Slavnoski Brod, Croatia, a close friend of our Bruno. The guy is young and he rips…it was somehow natural to add him in the team. During the second part of the year we added two new riders in the team. One from Croatia, Domagoj Gudac and the other from Italy Alex Bor- gatti. Both are somehow connection with the rest of the team. So at the end of the 2018 our team was incredible. Now, we have a squad of 10 skaters and we are ready for a memorable 2019 !!!