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TRIPS 2017 was also the year of our first tour in Barcelona. We invited and had a tour ‘special guest’ - our good friend and Slovenian skateboarding legend Miha Vogrinčič. The tour was short but gave us the opportunity to film and taste some of the Barcelona’s most famous spots. This year was quite busy with tours…we also organised the tour in Prague during the summer. Riders - Will, Fabio, Patrik, Bruno, Matija and Raul (filmer) filmed great tricks there. At the end of 2017 we went to Barcelona again. Tour lasted for one week. The expedition was led by our team manager Luka Mahne. Miha Vogrinčič & Bruno Barcelona, February 2017 Will Odiete & Raul Žgomba Barcelona ,November 2017 On the next page: Barcelona tour November 2017 fom left to right: Fabio Rabotti, Will Odiete, Matija Frandolič, Patrik Prhat, Antonio Peković (guest), Raul Žgomba (filmer) and the team manager Luka Mahne