Keepmoat Homes - HR Documents gender pay infogrpahic FINAL

It is no secret that like many industries, the housing industry suffers from female imbalance particularly around senior levels. Keepmoat Homes is committed to attracting the right people with the right skills into the organisation at all levels. We want to recruit the best people and are keen to support initiatives to attract more females into the industry. Keepmoat Homes realises the benefits that diversity brings to the organisation and is working hard to break down the perceptions which have made the industry less attractive to females. The Gender Pay Gap Gender Pay not Equal Pay Gender Pay calculates the pay gap between male and female employees. It is different to Equal Pay which is the difference in pay between men and women who have similar roles 19.6% 28.5% Our Mean (average) Gender Pay Gap is Our Median (middle) Gender Pay Gap is and is higher than the current housebuilder average of 11.6% The pay and bonus gaps are reflective of the fact that we have fewer females in senior leadership positions and in roles which attract higher pay and bonus potential. As previously described, this is due to the challenges we face recruiting females into construction. Pay Quartiles Bonus This chart shows the proportion of males and females in each pay band ordered from lowest to highest quartile and highlights our imbalance in males and females in our upper pay quartiles The proportion of men and women receiving a bonus is similar, however, the size of the bonus gap reflects the fact that we have more males at senior levels than females. 71.0% 70% 60% 72.0% Our Median (middle) Gender Bonus Gap is 57.6% 51.6% 50% 48.4% 30% 23.5% 47.7% 68.1% of Female employees received a Bonus 42.4% 40% Our Mean (average) Gender Bonus Gap is 29.0% 28.0% 20% 31.8% of Female employees did not receive a Bonus 62.9% of Male employees received a Bonus 10% 0% Lower Quartile Lower Middle Upper Middle Quartile Quartile Female Male Upper Quartile 37.0% of Male employees did not receive a Bonus