Kanguq - Hiver / Winter 2014 - Page 8

Histoire de notre coopérative / ᑯᐊᐸᑦᑕ ᐱᕙᓪᓕᐊᓂᕕᓂᖓ / Our Co-op History GSø¥5H kNym[q8i kNo8i, Ì4fx Sø¥5 vJyt5yd/sym?Ms3g5 ßmJ3ixis2 Wd/zi4, kN3ctŒA¥9l Wd/ q8i4. wMq5 ßmJ3ixi3ËozJ5 Wdè5 k3czt5yAbs?Ms3uJ5 wkw5 kNui5 WJi4 whm3§tc3tbs5Öoo3ht4 W3Dy5n/ utA5 r1åmQ/ui4 x©ttbs5Öoo3ht4. wk=At5nosDyz wkw5 xy5pX9oxbyMs3ymJ6 wkw9 l N7ui6 xsM5yAy3ui4 xysp?9oxo3ht4 wk=At5nosDygc3ui. bm8N xy5pX9oxo3iz wk=At5nosDys2 xsM5÷é5noCbMs3ymK6 xuhZM8i4 wk8i4 N7ui5nui4 n3et5yAmo3iuk5 fxX8iEix3bui4 w7uiestQlA xsM?8ixlA WD3XoxtMzo3bui4. vJy˜q8ˆg6... I was asked to write about the early days of the Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau Québec (FCNQ) and have agreed to so because I believe it is important that the younger people learn more about their cooperatives. I also think it is important that the younger people remember and appreciate how much their parents and grandparents contributed to the success of these activitie ́