Kanguq - Hiver / Winter 2014 - Page 30

Légendes ᐅᓂᒃᑳᑐᐊᑦ she did not fear death, for she knew of their intention. Hunger must have accompanied them because the island was barren and spare of the things that might attract animals. When the qajaak would arrive, they would ask, “What are you living by?”, and the woman would reply, “We are living with food.” And that is all she would say, nothing more, never telling what kinds of foods they were actually eating. The two men, whose initial intent was to kill the woman and child, had an idea. They decided not to kill them for the time being to allow the boy to grow bigger so that when his blood was stronger and bolder they would kill him. And they left them once again still alive. The people wondered what they were living on since the woman was alone with only with her child as a companion. And when the visitors would come, they saw no evidence of food. Yet they survived from seal carcasses that sometimes drifted ashore, and by keeping their food hidden in caches at a distance from their home. Now these two lived by H