Kanguq - Hiver / Winter 2014 - Page 23

Coopérative en vedette / ᑯᐊᐸ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᑕᐅᔪᖅ / Co-op Spotlight Kangiqsualujjuaq sibly take advantage of our own resources, so fish and wood had been designated as having the potential for development. I recall John Evans being part of the research team looking into developing an economy. And it was from that point on that I have worked within the cooperative movement, as a board member. Our cooperative has certainly contributed to our community, though our society has gone through change. I recall the humour of Willie Etok’s dad, Tamisa, and how he would say, with a chuckle, “Now that I’m the big boss, you will never want for tea!” And he was right! vq3hxl4Jxᖅ Sophie Mary Annanack As for Sophie Mary Annanack, this active young mother of 29 and daughter of former Sandy Annanack and Maggie Susie Annanack, has been involved with their co-op since her youth. She began as a 14 year old student as a cashier, and eventually becoming an assistant manager in 2004. She then had become the general manager in 2006. She has since changed her job, opting for change. She began with the capacity of a co-op director in 2012, and believes th