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Nouvelles de la FCNQ / wMŒns2 gnC5nq5 / FCNQ News FCNQ Construction 3gA5: ß5©tQlQ5 nNQxcMs3ymiK5 !@,)))-i4 wtZ8i4 y4rbi4 xqio7u4 µ8NystoxEMs3ym/ K5 won3[n6 srs3eu nNQxc3hA vq3hxl4Jxu ÷kxE !, !(((-u y©{[sJ[ist9lQ5, µ8NystsÜ8Nix3gil fxÙ4 is[3[nQ8i4 S[3igu n9 lil is[3[Q4 wfx9Mg[ist9 lQ4. x3ÇAZñ¬ymo3gi WNhx3ymo3bvi wMŒnü5hz, ho xoxN3y?9oxpxcgw8Ndz hol sWA§7uN3©?2S6 W/‰3gcCu xuhi N2Ùt3baxÇl5ti4 kN[7u. In May 1981, I started working at the Technical services of the Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec. Marc Pougetout hired me, and was my boss until he retired in 1997. I earned a wealth of experience during those years, learning much about the Inuit and the Cooperative movement. wMŒns2 nNpdtc3iz tu1atymJ6 When I started out, we were only building cooperative buildings and there were just two of us working in Technical services: Marc and myself. Slowly we grew, and with the advent of the Société d’habitation du Québec’s (SHQ) dwelling construction projects, we began to work on others. We still perform cooperative projects, but our clients now also include provincial and federal ministries, landholding corporations, municipalities, mining companies, and others in Nunavut. Currently, our projects range from the thousands to 15–20 million dollars. Our greatest challenge remains completing our projects within the short construction season. For about a decade, the cooperatives have been opting for more modern buildings to respond to the growing demand for goods and services, be they stores or hotels, and these projects were all completed by our construction division. In November 2007, the Fédération’s Technical services became its subsidiary: FCNQ Construction Inc. Even today, managing the logistics surrounding road and maritime transport, not to mention housing workers, can make all the difference to a project’s success. Each year we employ between 60–70 workers, not including our subcontractors’ employees, during the most intense construction period. Over the years, we’ve overcome some major challenges: from the construction of a 12,000 square foot temporary school in the middle of winter in Kangiqsualujjuaq after the January 1, 1999 avalanche to the renovation of the temporary cooperative stores in Puvirnituq and in Salluit after a fire. After all the years I’ve spent with the Fédération, I still get the same pleasure and satisfaction from completing the many fine projects in Nunavik. w3cbEx3g5¡ xoN3gMExl4 sJ4fxz xjMZo7 j5 wcl8ixEx6 wobE/ s9ME5gu vq3§2 ƒzi kN[4, fÑ7u. wclA8Ng5 %-!@ Xs8 sdà8icD8Ngi4 wcl2Wu4 s9lbµ5. §aJxlw5, nW3Exy‰5gxlw5. ho5hi kN Wsy3ui4 xg9ME5g6, widN3g6 kNz x7ml srs3bgus5n/i4 ßmJc3hi. Mordez dans la vie! Offrez-vous un passionnant séjour de pêche à l’omble de l’Arctique et vous découvrirez tout un monde de nouvelles expériences au camp de la rivière Payne au Nunavik. Gone fishing! Incredible fishing experience on the famous Payne River in Nunavik, Quebec. Catch many 5 to 12 lbs Arctic Char each day. Strong, relentless fighters. True wilderness, spectacular scenery and Arctic wildlife. 1-800-465-9474 info@arcticadventures.ca www.arcticadventures.ca 17