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Nouvelles de la FCNQ / wMŒns2 gnC5nq5 / FCNQ News Services pétroliers et Nunavik Pétro wMŒns2 s3hxl8ixiz x7ml kN[7us5 s3hxl8ixiz FCNQ Petro Division and Nunavik Petro Airplane fuel is made available at many of the local airports, contributing to commerce and transportation year round, but also providing a lifeline to major city centers in case of medical emergencies. Therefore, instead of an outside company supplying us with these essential products and profiting from this activity, FCNQ’s involvement has a direct positive impact on the economy of Northern communities, providing the opportunity to invest in local improvements and development through its co-op members. Then it is in 2009, that a tripartite agreement was finalized in which Shell’s assets in Kuujjuaq, Quaqtaq and Kangiqsuallujjuaq were transferred to the respective local Land Holding Association and FCNQ was named as the operator of these three additional installations. In the last decades FCNQ Petro has continually renovated the installations in the northern villages. These improvements are necessary in order to safeguard the environment of course, but also to upgrade the storage capacity in many instances. Investing in these improvements provides Inuit communities with the essential services in a durable and responsible way. Another key benefit to FCNQ’s management of the fuel supply is that we truly care to address any and all environmental issues that come with the use of petroleum products in a way that will protect the precious environment or rehabilitate it in the case of an incident. We do this by collecting residue left behind by previous operations and implementing soil rehabilitation projects. We also coordinate the return of waste oil drums for proper treatment by environmental firms. As with all FCNQ departments, only local people are hired for the petroleum distribution and tank farm operations. A team of eleven people from the FCNQ head office support the local staff; assisting in all aspects of petro operations from troubleshooting in case of issues, to providing office supplies, invoicing and yearly maintenance. A peak of activities occurs in the summer months, from sealift to restock fuel tanks for the year ahead, maintenance and inspections and improvement projects. The cooperative movement creates an opportunity for collaboration and evolution which is unique in this fast paced, profit driven world. It is a privilege to work with our members and our executive committee; our focus is clearly on the financial success of the FCNQ, but what makes us unique is our focus on doing what is right. Success with a human touch. Together we do great things. wªyoµi x©tgx9oZn6 wo8i4 sb3eK6 La chance de votre vie vous attend… A once in a lifetime experience awaits you... • y®g3i6 • ej5yi6 • w9 l[Zos3i6 • c/Ex3gi6 • x8NsmZhx3iu4 wo8ixi6 • Wh8i6 • motoneige • traîneau à chiens • construction d’igloo • canoë • randonnées pédestres • techniques de survie • snowmobiling • dog sledding • igloo building • hiking • canoeing • survival training Fière partenaire de sWmJ6 WNhxcbsZu sfNi Proud partner of InuitAdventures 514.457.9371 scMstz xrc1qg6 / sans frais / toll-free 1.855.657.3319 info@inuitadventures.com www.aventuresinuit.com / www.inuitadventures.com 15