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Nouvelles de la FCNQ / wMŒns2 gnC5nq5 / FCNQ News Le service de gestion-conseil et de comptabilité aux coopératives fxÑ5 xsM5ypq5b wvJ3bs[z x7ml x9Mf[oE[4 Co-op Management Support and Accounting The title given to this division of the FCNQ has somewhat changed over the years but its main objective has not, which is to provide advice and support to the general managers in the management of their cooperatives. The FCNQ was founded on the need of the cooperatives to have support and thus the FCNQ began providing support services right from the beginning. Since then the services provided by this division have evolved over the years, adapting to the rapidly developing needs of the cooperatives. An example of such a service is the cooperative accounting service. It has been 20 years in fact that Aurèle St. Amant, who was responsible for the cooperative accounting service, hired me to his department of only two persons –himself included! The team has grown since then and constantly sees to the needs of the cooperatives in accounting right up to the production of financial statements and the preparation of the annual operating budgets. Currently, the team is composed of technicians and accounting coordinators who work closely with the general managers in interpreting the financial statements of their cooperatives, controlling their budgets and advising them on the practical aspects of management. We also work with them regarding the authorization of personal loans to individuals from FCNQ Loan Funds as well as the follow-up of loan payments. The total revenue of the 14 cooperatives reached $87 million this year. In order to attain this amount the cooperatives necessarily had had to invest tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure in the last few years. Construction and the acquisition of assets required important sums of financing that were obtained thanks to the collaborative relationship with financial institutions and governmental organizations. Furthermore, the newly established Nunavik Cooperative Development Fund will be an additional source of financing that the cooperatives will use for their future development. Since the reorganization was done in 2008, our division now also offers administrative support to the network of the 13 co-op hotels. At the same time, a new software application for making hotel reservations, invoicing along with a unique room key system was gradually installed in the hotels. Our central reservation system responds to calls seven days a week, 24 hours a day for any one of the 255 rooms in the network. Currently, we are analyzing the possibility of being able to offer reservation services on the web. with Canada Post and we provide support to the post masters in the daily management of postal services. Our team also offers cable television services operated by 12 cooperatives in our network, which includes an invoicing service for clients. The first signals were distributed in 1997 in 6 communities and nearly 300 channels are now offered by cable television services with some in high definition. The number of subcribers to cable services has grown progressively over the years and reached a total of 1600 homes in 2013. We also have the role of trainer to the general managers, hotel managers as well as to the post masters. So we provide the training for newly employed persons in these positions and also work closely with FCNQ Human Resources in organizing training sessions adapted to their needs. The services we provide have diversified over the years but the service of management and accounting to the cooperatives has always kept its objective of maintaining close collaboration with the general managers.