Kanguq - Automne / Fall 2013 - Page 39

Légendes\r\n\r\n\r\nLegends\r\n\r\nopportunity to quickly grab the axe, ran to\r\nthe giant and killed him with it.\r\nHe left the shocked children and began\r\nto run as quickly as he could away from\r\nthe giant’s home. The giant’s wife saw him,\r\nas she was just returning with a bunch of\r\nwood, and began to run in pursuit.\r\nHe ran and ran and finally had to cross\r\na river. When she reached it she did not\r\nknow how to cross the river and asked the\r\nInuk, “How did you cross the river?” He\r\nanswered, “You need to drink it to cross it.”\r\nAnd she proceeded to drink it.