Kanguq - Automne / Fall 2013 - Page 38

Légendes\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nA very long time ago, an Inuk decided he\r\nwould go fishing as he and his family were\r\nhungry. It was during that period between seasons when food could be scarce,\r\ntowards the end of winter. The man fished\r\nfor quite a while and had not caught anything. He jigged a long time, looking in all\r\ndirections, in case he may be lucky enough\r\nto catch game. He did not catch any fish\r\nfor a very long time.\r\nHe continued looking about and, after\r\na long while he saw a very large man who\r\nappeared along the horizon.. It was a giant,\r\nand he wondered what to do. “I’m going to\r\nbe killed.” he thought. Having heard that\r\ngiants were usually alone, he decided that\r\nhe would lay still and pretend to be dead.\r\nAs the giant arrived, the man held his\r\nbreath.\r\nWhen the giant saw\r\nthe Inuk lying still, he\r\nbent forward to see if the\r\nInuk was breathing. Seeing\r\nthat he was not breathing, the\r\ngiant took hold of him. He\r\nthought, “This man has no\r\nstrength and so he is dead.”\r\nHe seized the Inuk and tied\r\nhim with a rope so he could\r\ncarry him on his back.\r\nThe Inuk pretended to be frozen\r\nand put a lot of effort into trying\r\nnot to breathe at all as the giant\r\ncarried him along on his back.\r\nAs he was being carried along\r\nhe noticed that they were\r\npassing between willow trees.\r\nThis gave him an idea “If I grab\r\nonto the willows, maybe then the\r\ngiant would get tired.”\r\nHe grabbed onto the willow bushes and\r\nwould then let go of them, making the\r\ngiant pull hard. When, after holding\r\non to the bushes, he released them,\r\n\r\nLegends\r\n\r\nthe giant nearly fell down. When the\r\ngiant stumbled, he would rest and listen\r\nfor breathing coming from the Inuk but\r\nhe heard nothing. He began walking\r\nagain, passing through willows. The Inuk\r\ncontinued to grab hold of the willows and\r\npulling hard, which almost made the giant\r\nfall down. The giant was tiring.\r\nFinally the giant reached his big home\r\nand carried the Inuk inside, propping him\r\nup by the entrance so that he may thaw and\r\nbe ready for cooking. The giant had become\r\nso tired that all he could do was lie down to\r\nrest, and so he lay on the sleeping platform.\r\nHis big wife, all the happy for a good meal\r\nto come, went to fetch some wood.\r\nAs the giant slept, his two big children\r\nplayed inside. The Inuk, who had kept\r\nhimself stiff, began to open his eyes ever so\r\nslightly to see what was in the house of the\r\ngiant, and to see how he could get himself\r\nout of this predicament! The playing\r\nchildren noticed him opening his eyes\r\nand told their father, “Father! The Inuk is\r\nopening his eyes, he is moving!” The father\r\nwas too sleepy and ignored his children and\r\ncontinued to sleep. Then, the Inuk saw a large\r\naxe. He took the\r\n\r\n