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Nouvelles de la FCNQ / FCNQ News\r\nService des ressources humaines et de la formation\r\n\r\nHuman Resources & Training\r\n\r\n\r\nIn 1967, there were approximately 11\r\nemployees at FCNQ and 5 member cooperatives with few employees. However, over\r\nthe past 46 years, our family has grown exponentially to more than 365 employees\r\nat FCNQ and its subsidiaries and to more\r\nthan 390 employees at the fourteen co-ops.\r\nAmong the 365 employees at FCNQ, we\r\nare proud to say 33 employees have more\r\nthan 20 years of service at FCNQ. In fact,\r\nwe have seven employees with more than\r\n35 years of service!\r\nThe FCNQ Human Resources and Training department was officially created in\r\n2005. Up to that point, all issues regarding\r\ndisputes, labor-management relations, disciplinary measures and employment terminations were handled by the General Manager and the department manager.\r\nEach department manager was also responsible for recruiting their personnel and\r\norienting and training their staff as well as\r\nprovide training to the cooperatives in each\r\nof their specialties. The FCNQ payroll and\r\nemployee benefits were mostly handled\r\nthrough the Accounting department. The\r\nco-op payroll was handled first by the Accounting department and then the Co-op\r\nServices department.\r\n\r\nto our member cooperatives. As the co-ops\r\ngrew and with the creation of the Quebec\r\nLabor Standards Office, so did the need to\r\nprovide more structured management support and training to the co-op managers\r\nand, in recent years, co-op directors. Prior\r\nto 2005, this type of support was offered by\r\nthe Co-op Services department.\r\nAs FCNQ, its subsidiaries and the 14\r\nco-ops grew, it was evident that there was\r\na need to create a department that would\r\nunify and standardize all the services mentioned above into one department. And so\r\nin 2005, it was decided to create a Human\r\nResources and Training department and\r\nto hire Elaine M├ętras, a human resources\r\nspecialist, to implement and manage it. Although Elaine left FCNQ in 2011,