Kanguq - Automne / Fall 2013 - Page 29

Nouvelles de la FCNQ / FCNQ News\r\nVoyages FCNQ\r\n\r\n\r\nVoyages FCNQ was established in February\r\n1987 to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, workers and inhabitants in Nunavik.\r\nVoyages FCNQ is the only travel agency wholly\r\nowned by Nunavik Inuit. At the time, airfare\r\nfrom Kuujjuaq to Montréal and Kuujjuaraapik\r\nto Montréal was provided solely by Canadian\r\nAirlines. First Air later serviced the area and\r\nAir Inuit services were finally available, with a\r\nflight from Kuujjuaq to Montréal added to its\r\nregular schedule. When the agency was created, there were only two employees. But now\r\nthere are six employees to meet all our customers’ needs. After a few years of operation, we realized that the Inuit of Nunavik travelled more\r\nextensively outside Canada for business and\r\npleasure. Since we did not offer a large volume\r\nof international flights, we decided that joining\r\na travel agency group would be worthwhile, as\r\nit would ensure access to more suppliers and\r\nbetter rates negotiated based on volume.\r\nBuilding on more than 25 years of experience in the travel industry in both Nunavik and\r\naround the world, each member of our team\r\nholds mandatory travel consultant certification\r\nfrom the Government of Québec. Our employees learn how to use new technologies and keep\r\nabreast of changes in products and new destinations by attending courses, seminars and distance training sessions on the Internet.\r\nWe have service providers ready to meet all\r\nrequests, from air, train and bus to car and limousine travel. Last year we joined the Transat\r\ndistribution network under the Voyages en\r\n\r\nLiberté banner, allowing us to offer our clientele a wide range of new products including\r\ntravel insurance, hotel accommodation, package