Kanguq - Automne / Fall 2013 - Page 24

Nouvelles de la FCNQ / FCNQ News\r\nTechnologie de l’information\r\nversion of the software program known as\r\nCash in Cash out was created. This software\r\nwas implemented in all the cooperatives\r\nby Éric St-Amant to help manage their accounting, goods purchasing and outlets.\r\nIn 1998, I was transferred from the Cooperative Services Department to the Computer Service Department, as it was called,\r\nto help ensure consistent computer services\r\nto both the Fédération and its member cooperatives. At the end of 1992, Normand\r\nMurray had left the Fédération; Christian\r\nKirouac followed suit in 1999.\r\nIn 2001, the Fédération hired a new\r\ndepartment head in the person of Mustapha\r\nAndoulsi to manage the Computer Service\r\nDepartment with only five employees at\r\nthe time. That same year, the Fédération\r\nacquired a computer system from Tecsys\r\nto enhance the management of accounting,\r\n\r\n\r\npurchasing and warehousing operations\r\nmanagement. The cooperatives also\r\nacquired the Linux Canada Quasar system.\r\nIn 2007, I was named Computer Service\r\nManager to replace Mustapha who had\r\nleft. The Telecommunication Department,\r\nincluding cable television and Website\r\nservices, was merged with the Computer\r\nService Department in 2011 to create the\r\nIT-Telecommunication Department.\r\nSince 2011, I have trained a team of three\r\nInuit technicians based in Kuujjuarapik,\r\nSalluit and Kangirsualujjuaq; this is an accomplishment of which I am particularly\r\nproud. They provide technical support for\r\nall the equipment in the coops and travel\r\nfollowing an established calendar or depending on the urgency of problems. In\r\nfact, I hope to add new members to this\r\nteam to better meet the needs of our coop-\r\n\r\n\r\nMordez dans la vie!\r\n\r\nOffrez-vous un passionnant séjour de pêche à l’omble\r\nde l’Arctique et vous découvrirez tout un monde de\r\nnouvelles expériences au camp de la rivière Payne au\r\nNunavik.\r\n\r\nGone fishing!\r\n\r\nIncredible fishing experience on the famous Payne River in\r\nNunavik, Quebec. Catch many 5 to 12 lbs Arctic Char each\r\nday. Strong, relentless fighters. True wilderness, spectacular\r\nscenery and Arctic wildlife.\r\n\r\n1-800-465-9474\r\ninfo@arcticadventures.ca\r\nwww.arcticadventures.ca\r\n24\r\n\r\nInformation Technology\r\neratives and encourage young Inuit to acquire computer knowledge.\r\nThere are now 15 employees at the ITTelecommunication Department, including our flying job squad located in Nunavik. Its purpose is to provide computer\r\nservices customized to the needs of the\r\nFédération and its member cooperatives.\r\nWe are in charge of maintaining the 200 or\r\nso computers and servers of the Fédération\r\nand its three subsidiaries, along with the\r\n140 computers, cash registers and servers of\r\nour 14 member cooperatives, and providing support to the Cooperatives’ hotels and\r\npetroleum facilities.\r\n\r\n