Kal 60 Bday - Page 9

admirer,query me if I were your stepsister! In those innocent days of ‘crazes’ and ‘crushes’ among teenage girls, Anbuchelvi was wallowing in the precincts of St.Raphael’s, spellbound and hypnotized by your very presence and appearance. I was stalked and used being the closest of kin. While I was getting over the question of my biological birth secrets Anbuchelvi confirmed it and used me as a delivery girl to send those love borne roses, gifts and messages and what not for you. Such was the magical power that you exuded, in your ‘pink and white, pretty sight’, blouse tucked in and half sari shoved in and around style. If I were to ask this question,” Were you a good role model to me?”, I would have mixed feelings regarding that. My interests and priorities were way too different from yours. I could never do or get what I liked, because you never set the precedent. You set “awesome” standards in dressing, make up etc. and that became the norm, until I dared to break the shackles of Dad’s conventions and com- mitted blasphemy!! So our lives were pretty compartmentalised. I couldn’t even manage to tresspass into a career path that you chose and the same that dad chose for me too. Our marriages were a different ball game too. Reminiscing on yours, I gather the groom hunting adventure was so eventful and exciting in hind- sight. The number of doctor suitors, all namesakes of historical kings , such as Sengodan, Raja rajan, Kuzhothungan, Bhishman bee-lined to take your hand. Unfortunately they neither demonstrated valour, nor had princely looks, leave alone a livelihood. They left as ’Rejects’. Then arrived, ‘Anan- thraman’ the rightful Lord Incarnate himself arrived. He was secretly moonstruck by that wave of Geetha