Kal 60 Bday - Page 8

Mirror Mirror on the wall Who is the fairest of all? If I were to ask this question to a magic mirror, it would say none other than ‘Your sister Kalpana’, denoting and connoting every sense of the word. I believe this is the truth and deeply feel that you are indeed endowed with every wealth of beauty that a woman should be proud of. You exude this beauty in you to others and that’s how you make a difference to the world! I presume you are born with this beauty and our family is blessed to have you. As siblings I think we are poles apart in appearance, personality, nature and disposition. No wonder our childhood drifted away without much impact. Our fights and scuffles were numbered. Pillow fights, throwing clothes out of wardrobes, undoing mosquito nets, flinging books, and few nail scratches were the least I could remember. But as I shot up taller than you, I think you were sharp enough not to encourage any further violence. After all we both shared a room and always slept next to each other till the end. I still wonder how I slept soundly to the regular chants of your rote learn- ing, burning the midnight oil, that continued in full throated ease every early morning at 6pm. May be I just slept away, as I couldn’t persevere so studiously as you!! As an elder sister you did quietly care for me. When I was little you walked me to my school from yours. We ate lunch together on ever-silver plates, from a big green lunch basket, that was delivered by cook Somu until you left school. The contrast in our looks, even made Anbuchelvi your ardent Geetha