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 CLUB60                       October 20, 2011 Ms. Kalpana Ananthram 34 Hithergreen Lane Abbey Park , Redditch Worcs. B98 9BW Dear Kalpana, Congratulations! The Club60 Executive Council, after careful review of your application, are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for membership, subject to final approval of our Club President. Your membership acceptance is exclusively based upon your demonstrated abilities to bring cheer, humor, wit, laughter, what we say in tamil as ‘gala gala’ attributes. Shortly, we will be sending our referral to our sister organizations Club70 and Club80 with our strong recommendations for admission. Have a wonderful Sixtieth Birthday, Kalpana! Tiruvur Mohanram Padmini Mohanram Honorary Secretary Honorary Secretary Our Club relies on donations from people like you. Please make a donation today. Tiruvur & Padmini