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My dear Kalpana. Where shall I start...........let me see, I think the best will be the time I arrived in Madras and met my Guardians and their daughters. My first impression......oh my! how am I going to make friends with them? It did not take me long to change my mind as within a couple of conversations I realised - that you were a friendly, shy and warm person. . THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD FRIENDSHIP. One incident that will never go out of our mind - is the time I fell into the manhole. I laughed at the idiotic situation I was in but you and were fantastic and so caring and the medical part of you was in full force. Want to thank you again for caring. If my memory serves me well......you did not think it was THAT funny as the others. The seriousness of the fall only hit me much later and when I realised what could have happened to me....I was so grateful you were with me and I was safe. You are the most contained person I know and very forthright. There are times when you are so in- tent - that conversation with you was difficult. In retrospect I realised that was part of your make-up. You are what you are. .........you were never the one to give answers immediately. You always thought and then replied. Looking at you NO ONE will ever say you joked and had wit. think ......we gotta be careful with this lady. You were the no nonsense one......hee! hee! Well, thank you for making me feel so welcome in your home when I arrived in Madras for the first time. When I spoke to you on skype......it was fabulous. It was like as if we had never lost touch. Among all the relatives we had, I enjoyed my stay in Anna Nagar in your home with Aunty, Uncle and Geetha. I still have your faces fresh in my mind during that time. There were more good times than bad and I ONLY remember the good times. Pssst.......Yo RW7BFR6RBf&vWBFRw&W'2VR&VGW&Vǒw&WFRsfRfF7F2B&W76VB&'FF#F7F&W"v6rRƖfWFRbW72vBVFBV6RvBVRƖRRFW6W'fRF2BV6&RՒtU4%2$U52Фu2$RtDRt2fR&'FFBV6V6vBFW0 Neela