Kal 60 Bday - Page 73

A tribute from Dr.T.Ashwin : When I was travelling on my first trip to England with Kalpana, she was reading Dale Car- negie’s ‘How to win friends and influence people’ that she picked up on her visit to Madras. She was talking about the techniques mentioned in the book on how to deal with people if you want to get things done. I had heard of the book then but never had read it. Likewise I had known very little of Kalpana prior to that. In the years that have gone by, I have managed to read ‘How to win friends...I and got to know Kalpana a lot more. In the course of our daily existence we all tend to make friends and foes, many a time inadvert- ently. If there is one person who can claim that they have no enemies at all, that would have to be Kalpana. Her positivity can be quite astonishing. The secret to that is her creativity. She is always bursting with new ideas and has the never quenching thirst to learn and try out new things. There seems to be no sign of any abatement with age. This she manages alongside her professional life which is pretty challenging on its own and something that has often been overshadowed by the colossus that she is married to and draws mutual inspiration from. I join my mum and family who are equally ardent admirers of Kalpana in celebrating her life and wishing more happiness and success in the years to come. I can safely say with the knowl- edge that I have now that Kalpana’s success story and her approach to life, should it ever be published, will send Dale Carnegie’s work into far distant oblivion. Dr T Ashwin