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To my dear classmate Kalpana, You were the quiet one in class. I hardly knew you were there. Only when the professors took attendance, there were quite a few of you there with the same name, that I knew you were there. I remember throwing paper darts at you just for fun, be- cause you were always sitting right in front. How time flies. I just can’t imagine you’re 60 now. Welcome to the club of sixties and many happy returns of the day. From your classmate -- Davaraj Balasingh Sent from my iPad Note to Avanti I can remember your mum as one of those ‘goody goody’ girls in class. Very quiet and always in the front row in class. Never talk to guys, not even to me (how sad). We had a few Kalpana’s in class and the lecturers I think had a tough time keeping track of them. Davaraj Balasingh