Kal 60 Bday - Page 67

MANY HAPPY RETURNS ON THIS YOUR SPECIAL DAY, KALPANA A few words and phrases to attempt a “SKETCH” of, you the person, but only your nearest and dearest have inside knowledge of the “IRREPLACEABLE PAINTING” that is truly you. Halcyon in appearance but quiet she is not. Affectionate and likeable with a wonderful sense of humour that would have you in fits of laughter which could then result in you dashing off for a ‘small vegetable’. Partner for life and loving wife to her soul mate. Personality, a personification of patience, unselfishness and generosity. Young at heart, bubbling with energy and life and a laugh so infectious that you find yourself doing the same. Beneficent to all who have crossed her path and got to truly know her. Inimitable presence, punctuated with a simple, though overwhelming honesty. Radiates a brilliant smile, that would knock people over in their stride. Thoughtful, in that, she will make it a point to keep in touch with all and share her experiences, despite her past time of adventurous Globe Trotting. Hallowed is the strength of her love for her family, which is uncompromising and unconditional. Daughter to her ‘oh so’ proud parents and mother to her ‘awe struck’ children. Accomplished, having achieved monumental things, as a friend, a philanthropist, a human being and a Globe Trotter. Yomps with energy, kindness, goodwill, a contagious sense of humour and affection that is straight from her heart. Michael Srinivasan