Kal 60 Bday - Page 66

My dear Kalpana, Given a microphone in my hand I could go on and on about you but when I have to put words on paper I donít know where to start. When I met you when I was 16 years old and the first thing I thought was ĎWow what good skiní?? I was a pimply teenager and you were this gorgeous down to earth person that I envied to be. You were a person with very few words but always smiled and patiently listened to my talkathones. I was a model then and envied your flawless skin even more. You were a home body and studied all the time. I possessed no such quality and wondered how you coped with not loafing around like me. I cannot forget the day you invited me over when Geetha and I came back from our badmin- ton sessions at the Anna Nagar Club to eat Gulab Jamun that you had just learnt how to make. I still remember the taste of it on my tongue. It was fabulous. Aunty Kaku was upset that you had finished all the ghee at home and it had cost her a bomb!! I remember you in a very low voice telling your mom that if you wanted to eat something nice there should be no compromise on the ingredients. I kept that in mind for years to come and have always practiced it. I missed your soft presence once you got married and went away. When I met you 30 years later here in Melbourne I was surprised to see that you had not changed at all. Thatís why I asked you if you had found the fountain of youth that I have been so desperately looking for. No such luck!! You are just born luckily. You are so easy to get along and so easy to have as a guest. Your soft presence is so comforting. I wished we had more time to hang out. Kartik and I missed you when you left. Kalpana, I canít believe you are turning 60 which means I need to check the calendar to see where I stand??? Hope you are enjoying your party in the garden of your dreams with beauti- ful colors that will bring happiness into your life forever. Happy Birthday and loads of love from Sunandini and Kartik Sunandini & Kartik