Kal 60 Bday - Page 65

house and in spite of your mum telling him we weren’t interested, he continued to put on a mongoose and snake fight on your front porch! The mongoose won, the snake died.... and your mum gave the guy a bunch of ba- nanas! And of course, all the good times visiting you in England! Hope to have many, many more of those! Happy Birthday.....and here’s to many more! Lots of Love and Hugs, HemaHappy, happy 60th birthday, Kalpi, and here’s to many, more!My earliest memories of you are from the years when Aruna and I were boarders at Presentation Convent in Kodaikanal and would spend mid-year holidays with you and your family in Madras. I remember marveling at the meticulous precision with which you tied your saris, while blithely ignoring Kakku Periamma and Geetha shouting up the stairs at Vidhyalankar, Kalpi, hurry up, we’re already late! Only when you were completely satisfied would you calmly float down the stairs, looking beautiful and oh-so-elegant, with pleats that were truly works of art. I realize now that you were my inspiration when I started wearing saris myself not too many years later. Well, my efforts didn’t quite live up to yours, but I certainly got the yelling for taking too long to get ready! After many, many years, we met up again in 1983 in Birmingham, to yet more shouting. This time from toddler Avanti, who wouldn’t let you take a shower without throwing a tantrum outside the bathroom. Since she is the editor of this birthday book, I won’t be at all surprised if this paragraph doesn’t make it to the final edition! (Just teasing, Avanti, my lovely cousin-once-removed). Now that Avanti and G live in the US, Kalpi, I hope we can meet up when you visit them. Come to San Diego! Until then, enjoy your spe- cial day, and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Niru