Kal 60 Bday - Page 60

Birth Day Greetings. 34, Hither Green Lane, Reddtich is like the home away from home for us. We find no words to express our profound gratitude for the hospitality showered on us as we enter the picturesque house till we depart- be it the delicious delicacies, prepared with loads of love, the cozy chats across the tiny kitchen table, the cheerful drives across the country side and the town!! We are amazed at the energy of Kalpi in accomplishing to perfection; it is a Godís gift that we have been blessed to be related to such a wonderful cousin. An enthralling smile is always there to adorn the corner of her lips, ever obliging with a positive note. We feel rejuvenated to the redefined ecstasy of life by her sheer presence. ****MANY MANY MORE JOYOUS RETURNS, OUR BELOVED KALPANA. *** Malathi