Kal 60 Bday - Page 54

Thoughts of kalpana transport me back to the late 1970s when I first met her. She came across as a lovely person - demure, sensitive and caring.. My parents were very fond of her and there was a remarkable rapport between them. She endeared herself to the whole family. Fast forward to the recent years and I am awe struck and fascinated by the amazing trans- formation. The Kalpana of today has blossomed into a vibrant, dynamic and confident per- sonality without losing any of her intrinsic qualities: one who can put across her views and thoughts and can hold her own in a crowd of people - all this done with quiet determination and strength and the courage of her convictions. She has a great dress sense and carries herself so well. What I admire about her is her marvellous control of her emotions. She never loses her cool even in moments of great stress and adverse situations - a remarkable achievement, well-nigh impossible for most of us. She has found her calling in something which is very close to her heart-children and she is always thinking of new ways to entertain them and enable them to spend time freely and productively. With all this she finds time to lend a helping hand, to offer cheer and encourage- ment to others in their times of stress; shes been a very good friend both in times of stress and during our various tours and cruises. Malika & Selvam