Kal 60 Bday - Page 50

Hey Happy Birthday Aunty! What can I say? I am both honored and lucky to have you as my mother-in-law! You have made me feel so welcome in your home and have made me feel part of the family. You are a refreshing blend of strength, insight, beauty and reflection. Like my father, there is an unflappable demeanour about you that I look to apply in my life (especially with your daughters! :-) Your undertone of hilarity is so infectious that I always find myself laughing out loud on every trip we’ve been on. In fact, I always look forward to our next journey around the world, sharing photography and property tips, watching slapstick films or devouring the local cui- sine. Speaking of which, I can never thank you enough for introducing me to South Indian food and guiding me through the art of delicious cooking. If Avanti and I continue to follow in your footsteps, we’ve got a very delightful life ahead of us! Have a fun, flowery and food-filled family birthday and hope to enjoy and experience many more moments in the years to come. Happy Birthday! G Kalpana Have a very healthy and happy birthday! Wishing you many more! Arun and Alka Goutham, Arun & Alka