Kal 60 Bday Kal 60 Bday - Page 5

Dear Mum, We have created this book as a gift to you to mark your 60th birthday. As we thought of what we could present to you we were scratching our heads as it really was quite a challenge. We thought of jewellery, clothing, flowers, a party with close friends and family, perhaps a cruise or a trip around the world...but what do you give to someone who has experienced it all? So, we thought of you reaching 60 years and although itís still young, it is quite a feat with all that you have experienced and achieved. There is something about 60...perhaps which triggers thoughts about the memories of the past and also what you would like to do in the near future. Seeing you reach 60 brings to mind... Reuniting with old school and medical college classmates around the world; reminiscing and narrating stories on lengthy skype calls with your sister; staying up till dawn and chatting up a storm with your mother, sister and us no matter what the timezone; having quiet talks with dad, probably about future travel plans and maybe worries about our future! Then it dawned on us that we could try to capture some of these memories in a book for you to read, reminisce, laugh about and cherish. Although in our family it is mostly unspoken, in this book we have tried to bring some of the unspoken words to be spoken to share how much you are valued as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and neighbour. Of course some of these messages wonít come close to sharing the depth of what we feel as after all that can go unspoken as it is understood! In addition, in true family tradition, we know your passion for food, family, travel and gardens so dad has booked a holiday for all of us to celebrate your milestone in Madeira. Happy 60th birthday mum! Lots of love Avanti and AnishaFOREWARD