Kal 60 Bday - Page 43

Happy birthday mum on this special day Where do I start, what do I say? There are so many qualities I admire in you So let me start by sharing a few I will always remember you driving me Disco, ballet, tennis, tap AND karate From this I know I admire your will Hoping to unearth in me at least ONE passion or skill! You persist and persevere in all that you do Negotiating with staff, schools and universities too From this I admire your tenacity To push doors open and provide Ani and I with opportunity Always so kindhearted, humble and gentle For surviving our teenage years, we award you a gold medal From this I know I admire your patience Staying calm through all our rebellions while offering us guidance Your strength and values are an inspiration And lets not forget your culinary creations! Here’s to sixty years, we hope there are many more to come Lets celebrate you, a one of kind mum! Avanti