Kal 60 Bday - Page 39

        < 9 September 1979 The Bombay excitement was a minor incident compared to what lied ahead as Kalpana and Mathangi set off for Heathrow airport, London, UK. On her maiden voyage, (which turned out to be WKH UVW RI 0$1< LJKWV RYHU WKH QH[W  \HDUV  Kalpana and her friend were met by their respective partners who had been waiting there for 6 hours. However, the UK had greeted her without news of her missing bags. Malika recalls: Imagine landing in a new place with the news that her bags containing her clothes, and other articles DQG PRVW LPSRUWDQWO\ KHU HGXFDWLRQDO FHUWLFDWHV appeared to have been missed. No idea how it hap- pened - the only information was that instead of a %$ LJKW ZKLFK WKH\ ZHUH VXSSRVHG WR JR E\ WKH\ ZHUH LQVWHDG VHQW E\ D 4XDQWDV LJKW DQG SUREDEO\ that is why the mix up arose. I could understand how tense and worried she must have been because of a similar situation which I had IDFHG LQ  ZKHQ , UVW ZHQW WR 2NODKRPD DIWHU our marriage in 1969. No baggage when I landed. I was shattered till I got it back the next day. Similarly but after a long delay, Kalpanas big suit- case containing her degree certs was handed over to her at her residence on 24th Sept intact sans the other small suitcase. It must have been a very traumatic time for her as the Madras Universitys policy was not to give       copies of the originals but only a letter stating that a person had appeared for such and such an exam and had passed. My dad contacted Meeras dad, Mr. Dakshinamur- thy, who was in the university and he said he would do whatever he could to help. I cannot even begin to imagine how Kalpana must KDYH IHOW ZLWK KHU FORWKHV ORVW KHU FHUWLFDWHV lost, no chance of getting copies and with no idea whether she would ever get anything back. Her world would have collapsed around her. Ananth was not to be downbeat, a skill he had crafted surviving the streets of the Parsi colony, Bombay. After the smart and savvy Ananth complained, the airline compensated with a handsome (well 25!) dowry for the lucky bride. Source: Timeline as per Saba Thathas diary