Kal 60 Bday - Page 38

       7 September 1979 Shakespeare said that ‘The course of true love nev- er did run smooth’ and he couldn’t have been more right than what happened to one newlywed couple. 2Q  -XO\  $QDQWKUDP D UHFHQWO\ TXDOL¿HG doctor, married his stunning horoscope match, Kalpana Thayumanover, a doctor too. Celebrations and ceremonies took place at the Pink Hall Dasaprakash Hotel in Chennai. The ‘honeymoon’ was in full swing…neon lights and all things bright. Soon after, they realized they KDG  PRQWKV WR ¿QG D ELJJHU KRPH Not one to waste time, Ananthram left for the UK on 19 July 1979. Ananthram’s sister, Malika Selvam recalls: “Kalpana’s departure to the UK was not without some excitement. She was to leave on 7 September       (which incidentally happened to be the birthdays of both my parents) with her friend Mathangi to the UK via Bombay. There was a good crowd to see her off - the usual type with lots of family- my parents, maternal and paternal aunts with their families and her parents, Geetha, Harsha and Ambika and I. The plane took off exactly at 7.35 a.m. and all of them bid adieu and came back.” “Kalpana and her friend stayed in the Centaur hotel and she informed her dad as soon as she reached Bombay. (YHU\RQH ZDV KDSS\ WKH ¿UVW OHJ RI WKH MRXUQH\ was over without any problems. However at 10 p.m. her dad came to our house to inform my dad that Kalpana’s friend rang up to say that she had left with Ananth’s friends Jayaram and Hari and had not yet returned. Kalpana’s father, Thayumanavar, was frantic with worry as people were home and asleep by 9 p.m. and he had no clue re the friends. Phone calls were exchanged back and forth be- tween a few of dad’s friends in Bombay (they were VWD\LQJ LQ WKH VDPH EXLOGLQJ DV +DUL  ¿QDOO\ ZKHQ Kalpana’s dad rang up the hotel at 10.30 p.m. it was OHDUQW WKDW VKH KDG DUULYHG MXVW WKHQ´ Turns out Hari showed Kalpana the sights and smells of Bombay, treating her to lunch and dinner.