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Dear Kalpana Aunty, Growing up, I never saw or spent much time with you but this certainly changed when we moved to England a while back. I got to meet an aunt with a never ending thirst for energy who’d always be buzzing around the house finding new things to do and learn. I was so glad to know I had a ‘cool’ aunt who actually liked going shopping, had a unique talent for arts and craft, cooked the best food, could use a computer and always saw the best in situations. Over time I’ve grown to appreciate and respect your strength and optimism as you’ve made me see things happen for a good reason. The past year while you’ve been in Australia has been a year of big decisions. I truly value all the advice you’ve given me from getting a job, pursuing medicine and not giving up. With mum and dad hav- ing limited experience with daughters, I’m grateful to have you for support and to understand my perspective. ‘Your less stress no worries’ attitude towards life has definitely made a difference to me as I hope to grow up having a career I cherish, being passionate about life, being creative and learn- ing new things daily and being a strong, independent woman with an unbeatable spirit just like you. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 60th birthday and lots of happiness to come. Hope to see you more often in Sydney. Samantha