Kal 60 Bday - Page 12

enterprising entrepreneur and running an organisation and real estate business with a touch of a button on your lap top....We are indeed proud of you standing tall and strong!! Nobody would ever believe that you are 60. Jaws dropped, cousins gasped in disbelief, some wanted proof... I think it is your indefatigable spirit and energy that stuns humanity. As you unfold this yogic self to the world, you are con- stantly exuding virtues such as tolerance, selflessness, kindness, fortitude, forbearance, tenacity, simplicity, patience, determination and positivity. The list may never end. These qualities not only allures you to others but with your presence is magically infused into others .You can always induce positivity, diffuse anger, stifle negativity, enervate energy and propagate harmony that the world most needs. I whinged, that you were not a suitable role model to me, when I was young. But now I realise that you have become the voice of conscience in me. I know no other way, but to trea Geetha