Kal 60 Bday - Page 11

multifaceted and showed skill and precision in whatever you did. Dad always recalled the seed that was sown for a potential athlete, when you were just seven and ran first in a running race and took everyone by surprise. Thereafter you excelled in other sport too. Being an ace Netball goal shooter, you thoroughly frustrated your opponent school that was mine. Sitting in the crowd I use to chuckle away when girls of my school hated you every time you sped like a missile and shot a goal. You continued to aspire to higher levels of athletics, while I ran only one race in my life and took off sideways, halfway through!!!! From inter school to inter varsity and then to interstate...Wow! All in the midst of an exacting, gruelling course like that of Medicine. The medals that you bagged and never bragged about are a testimony to your true sportsmanship. I often wondered how you single- mindedly pursued your goal to do medicine with tenacity and stoical determination. You also sailed through seven years of under graduate and post graduate courses, without any hitch to become a Paediatrician. What an exemplary achievement! I have seen you plod through without any fuss, while I used to be a drama queen for every silly exam that I took! The ironical tragedy of the situation is that UK has blatantly deprived itself of a most promising, dedicated doctor that humanity would have valued and cherished. You left no stone unturned. Every vacation was productively spent by you in sewing, typing, art and craft classes. You always loved to be as busy as a bee. Your love for gardening just shows your penchant for harmonising Nature as well. Your culinary expertise is something that I canít compete, or com- promise with those botched up procedures, though it may all end well. You did rise in strength and stature in leaps and bounds, under the dynamic tutelage of the stalwart Ananthram. Today you are an Geetha