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current and magic that your ethereal looks exuded. From then on the romantic acceptance extended to a committed adjustment and today your marriage has reached the Ramayana epic dimensions. You communicate in rhythmical, lilting silence and divine looks, soothing out upheavals mellifluously, that can stun even the most matched couple in the world. You have indeed been a living testimony of a coy, calm and composed Sita like wife to the Almighty and, a patient, loving, dedicated and caring mother to two beautiful, loving, and intelligent daughters. When you got married and left you did leave a huge void in my life. It was all too sudden and did leave me in pain. I was so naive and had no directions. It was after I left India a whole new world opened up. I started to experience the harsh reality of life. It was at that time that you slowly stepped into my life and was there at all times of need. You were there like a mother for Samanthaís birth, leaving behind your two little girls and hubby to fend for themselves. I still remember you telling me that little Anisha said that she will have her bath after you return! I often used to wonder who would travel across the world at their own expense, to offer such great comfort, timely help and service. You had been a pillar of strength in our stay at UK. Your support was phenomenal and your kind offer to look after Sid was monumental. This would not have been possible without Ananthramís benevolence too. You had always been my confidant until today. I feel blessed that I have one person, who canít afford to be anything but my well-wisher. You have fine-tuned my personality with your periodical talks and advices and it has definitely taken me a long way in my life. Looking back in years now I often sit flabbergasted by all your quiet achievements. You were indeed Geetha