Junto Magazine Vol2_Issue2 - Page 41

Junto Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 Eclipse Themes: Suburbia, Trust determined the major details of which businesses were allowed in the city down to the minor details of which color the street signs would be and where and when the city functions like the Edelman’s Memorial Day Parade or the Edelman’s Christmas Tree Lighting were hosted – and she being the town’s real estate mo- gul who selected only the best people to add to Arcadia made it so that for nearly the past twenty years anyone who want- ed to be a part of the community had to get Edelmans approval first. As a result, a certain cult of personality developed around the Edelmans to get inside their inner circle. Following a stone pathway that lead to the backyard, I couldn’t help but feel the same nervous anticipation I would when delivering a sales pitch. As if sensing this, Laura reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze, cold to the touch and calm. “Don’t worry,” she said. “It’s just the Edelmans.” - - - - - - - - “Erick and Laura Peterson,” said Rick as he got out of his camping chair, rais- ing his glass in the air as if toasting our arrival. Bundled up in a designer jacket and hat, a faint rosy color clung to his cheeks as he walked over to shake our hands. Suzie Edelman sat adjacent from him with what appeared to be a similar looking drink in one hand and a phone in the other. She rose out of her seat with a certain regal elegance as if she was greet- ing honored guests, accenting the overall feeling of hospitality with a delicate smile Rick and Suzie Edelman were wait- ing for us in the backyard. Although this wasn’t our first time visiting the Edel- mans, I found myself amazed by their house when Laura and I pulled into the driveway. Chiseled out of a creamy brick and pewter colored stone, it had the feel- ing of being cozy with well-manicured arborvitaes and shrubs hugging its cor- ners, as well as modern with large win- dows allowing one to catch a glimpse of the Edelman’s world. Peering through the windshield, a trail of smoke rose high into the cloudless, unpolluted night sky accenting the house with an illusion of a lit chimney adding to its overall feel- ing of sleepiness and quaintness as if it were out of a realtor’s magazine. Shifting into park, I turned the key as an instant chill seemed to seize the car while Lau- ra, unfazed by the cold, continued to drift along in sleep. Between her fingers lay the handcrafted invitation from Suzie. Even unconscious, her grip on the deli- cate lace card remained secure- frozen in place with a firm yet gentle touch as if holding onto a golden ticket. Reaching over, I moved my finger across a lock of her hair as it gently grazed the side of her ear. Her eyes fluttered open as she turned to face me emerging from her dream. It was a rare event, rarer than the lu- nar eclipse we were about to watch, to get a one on one experience with Rick and Suzie Edelman: the unofficial King and Queen of Arcadia. Officially though, the couple acted more like gatekeepers than royalty. He, being the city planner – who