Junto Magazine Vol2_Issue2 - Page 4

Junto Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 Will Never Be Their Songbird Themes: Oppression, Politics, Rage all my life they’ve tried to cage me, and make me small; tell me that i need a man to truly live my life as i ought, but i am not ready to recoil a small rabbit and surrender my power; simply so a man can keep his ego— i am not inferior to men just because they fear my power i am magic, i am love, i am light; and i will shatter all their hollow nightmares and bones of monsters beneath my rage for my kindness is no weakness— i will not stand down because they want me to stand upon pedestals, be tamed, have their children; be comfortable behind gilded cages that break my soul and dreams into oblivion’s dust— i am wild burning like fire, and i will never be tamed; their assured cages and chains will fail them when they try to catch me like a butterfly in their net it will snare across their fingers to break them for i am a hurricane i will break down all their walls shatter their glass ceilings i am the wind i will take all their words and cut them down to pieces with their hostility i am the earth will quake beneath their feet and destroy everything they once loved for daring to stomp on the dreams and rights of women i am steel my ambition will pierce them until the crows fall from the heavens to devour their bones. Return to the Table of Contents