Junto Magazine Vol2_Issue2 - Page 31

Junto Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 lieve religious beliefs, but she had beliefs though. But her beliefs are a bit more dif- ficult to explain, so we’ll maybe go over that another time.” “But, so her family—you know they’re all very religious, right?” Jimmy does. “Right. Because her father’s still a pastor, just like her grandfather was. The whole family going back generations has kind of run this same big church. But, so with her family always trying to get her to be as religious in the way they were, and with your mom not wanting to be, it caused a lot of tension in the family. That’s why your mom went to college in Ohio. And so, up to just yesterday, we haven’t even spoken to your mom’s si BوH[Z[H[[YX\X]\H[^H[[H]H\Z[۝\[\[\^H\[و]\ٙHZ\YHوH[Z[K'B[[^H\[]\Y\\[B\HYY] 8'[H۸&]]H[›ZHx&[H\HY 'H[[^H^\\]ZKB]K8'H[[H] 'B'Hۛ[ 'B'HY&]H^H܈H[\['B']8&\HۙܞK'HX\ݙ\]HYYK]XH^\\YۙY BK8'YHۋ]8&\]K]8&\Y\H]š\[x&[]ۈHYX\KB[[[ܙH['B[[^H\[][][ۈ]\šXYۈH[^Y\YKX]ZH[H\[Y[[\XYX][H[YH[YHX]\[[\HY ]\\\HYۈ\H][\HۛH[HX]\X[[N\XY\[[Y[Y]\ق[[[ۜ[[[[] [[^H]\YZ[HXY\ YY\YHX[]\Z[ˈ]][]]Y[[^H[YHܘ^KB[H۝\و\Y8&\\H[\HYY] H\]\H[HKH[[\Z[Yٙ]]HZH[XX]KHX]\\\Y[H\[وH\[ X\&\Z[H[و^HZ[ []]HYšY\\[\X[\H\H]\[[\H[Z[ۈHܛ[ H\ۈHXوHX]\\[ܙY['H[&]X[HYH]x&\H[8'B^\[[^K[H^H[[\[] 'HY&]H\ۈH\YO'BX\\^Z[ݙ\H\8&\[Bˈ8'HY&][[[ۙHYH\˸'B\\۸&]][[^HYX[ ]B\۸&][[[ܙK^H[\B\ܙY[]]XZ[[[ݙHB[\\X\[X\[[^B\XHX[H]\ˈ[[^H\›\H^x&\H][]\][\\[[^HۛH[\Z[\›Z[ٙHZKH[[H\][\\Y[ BˈX\[[[^HY\\\›ۋ\H\HX]\\][[X\\[Y\]K\Z[Y[˂'\[[[^K8'H^\X\ˈ\œ۸&\][\[Y[\HY] Yܝ\ۈۈH܋X\]ۂHYHوH\Y 8']H\B[[X]X\Y\ۚY 'B[[^x&\[\\[Y[\^Y\›[ۈ]HY H^\\[[Y\[X\۝[Y\˂'H[[HۛYH[ܙHX][K[H\ܛ[\ [][[HY][YK\[Z[H\˜[^\\[\[Z\\ ZH]\H[H^H Z[][\[ݙHX[ܙXH[Z\\][K][\[HYY\[H[[KBY&][H[Y[\ˈHY&]K