Junto Magazine Vol2_Issue2 - Page 24

Junto Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 passed by Viktor and whispered some- me smile.” The coffee came, but Vik- thing in his ear. Viktor considered the tor took it and moved it in front of him. news, then pushed out his lower lip and “First, tell me why you’re here. Beautiful spoke Russian. The stocky man nodded, and alone. Very suspicious.” then left. Upon his departure, bells on the Viktor was right to be suspicious. This door rang, and the silver garland swayed wasn’t a chance meeting. She’d asked a in the late December breeze. The rush of few of her criminal lawyer friends abo ut cool air felt good on her bare legs, perk- this restaurant, and Viktor in particular. ing her up. “I’m Colleen,” she finally told You see, Colleen had a secret she could no him, her hand resting on his thigh, won- longer keep, which pained her, as she had dering why she used her real name. an affinity for storytelling. Throughout her “So, the mystery woman now has life, people would instinctively seek her name.” He extended his big, callous out, waiting for her to start up a conver- hand. “Viktor.” sation about something…anything. Her “I know who you are.” elocution had a seductive verve to it—a Colleen winked but didn’t shake his vitality—making her forever estranged hand, as she chose to suck on cube from to the sting of loneliness at parties. Be- her water. Viktor’s eyes widened as he fore a big social event, she’d practice her grinned. stories in a mirror, to take in the whole “So Colleen does not fear danger.” experience, to try to actually put herself His accent made small talk entertain- in the listener’s shoes, of whom she’d ing, but it was his cocksure answers mea- always been jealous. She’d admire her sured with a menacing tone that began to reflection as she paused at dramatic mo- excite Colleen—this ments, pushing the was something she You see, Colleen had a tension to the prec- didn’t anticipate. She ipice, knowing that secret she could no longer kept looking at the big saying, “rankled” strong hands she’d keep, as she had an affinity over “irked” would refused to shake. So, for storytelling. All her life, better flesh out a she’d furl her brow to character, and being people would seek her out, make those big mitts cognizant that say- reassure her. After the waiting for her to start up a ing, “fingered” over fifth time she tried “touched” would conversation about some- this, he laughed and spike the comedy. thing...anything. wagged his index fin- Yes, Colleen Keller- ger before cupping man was an amazing her face. He rubbed storyteller, and this his thumb against the dimple in her chin. was why she sought out Viktor Reznikov. “I will create games. Not you.” “Heard this place had the best coffee Frank Sinatra’s “Silver Bells” played. in town,” she said, stealing back the cup. She hummed along to it and asked for He laughed, said something in Russian a coffee. She turned her attention to the and then crossed the room to speak to a beginning of the How the Grinch Stole man in a black suit seeking his attention. Christmas. Viktor pointed at the bar tele- Colleen sipped the coffee long enough to vision. “I love this show.” He clapped. feel sober as she watched as the Grinch “Little green guy so full of fury. Makes become mystified with the Whos joining