Junto Magazine Vol2_Issue2 - Page 21

Junto Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 Election Season Flash Fiction Themes: Politics, Freedom A 48-year-old man, prematurely gray, called the election less than an hour be- sat on the edge of the bed in a nice hotel fore. “A third-party candidate with a rag- room as dawn broke. He stared with un- tag campaign has won the presidency; blinking, unseeing eyes at the wall before truly an unprecedented night,” one of the him as his wife paced. talking heads had declared.   He started at the noise of her cell It wasn’t all that unprecedented phone hitting the wall and raised his eyes though, and he’d begun to launch into an to meet hers.  explanation of the impact of third party “You remember when this started? candidates throughout American history Remember why?” She wasn’t yelling, before Ellen had interrupted him: “If you but it was more unsettling this way. wanted to be a professor, you shouldn’t He cleared his throat though he knew have run for president and you damn sure it to be a rhetorical question.  shouldn’t have won.” The staffers had left “It was going to give you the press after that. All except for the press secre- you needed to keep your seat. It was go- tary, who’d explained they’d start draft- ing to be a big career boost for you, and ing a speech before slipping out. Not that I’d write a bestselling memoir, and that she was really a press secretary. She’d was going to be the end of it.” pretty much run the campaign but hadn’t His eyes started to sink again.  received such an illustrious title until, “Remember? And now what the fuck thinking she was logged into her person- am I supposed to do? Be the least will- al account, she had tweeted an Onion ar- ing First Lady of all ticle from the candi- time?” date. It wound up as “It was going to give you He looked down, their most retweeted. the press you needed to keep pulling a flask out Right up until they of his wrinkled suit your seat. It was going to be had to respond to the jacket, “I think that frontrunner’s cre- a big career boost for you, was Ladybird. She atively horrific scan- never seemed like and I’d write a bestselling dal two days before she was having a Electi  )Ȱ))ѡ)݅))ѥt)!)Ս)Ѽѡлt+qeЁЁՍ)ܰ)єݥѠt)չѡ͡)͡ͅم)ݥѠѡл )ե䁅Ʌѡͬɽ+q]Ё́ЁtͭMe)̸qեЁɥ׊eɔѡAɕ̴)́ɽѡɽ՝Ёѡ)ЁЁȁՍéͅt)ѡɽ՝Ёѡȁѥɔɥɕ)Qe݅э́ѡȁݽɭ)M݅́́ɕ䁅́e