June/July 2019 June/July 2019 - Page 14

New Hampshire Shows the Opportunities of Infrastructure Investment By Ed Mortimer Vice President, Transportation Infrastructure United States Chamber of Commerce Introduction by Trevor Yandow, EIT ASCE-NH Junior Delegate At the Annual Meeting of the ASCE New Hampshire Section, members heard from Ed Mortimer of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Mortimer shared his thoughts and perspectives on our nation’s infrastructure. The day after negotiations between President Trump and Congressional Democrats broke down on an infrastructure bill, I had the pleasure of joining the American Society of Civil Engineers-New Hampshire section (ASCE-NH) on a tour of Manchester and then to discuss the importance of infrastructure modernization at a meeting of the ASCE-NH. Thanks goes to past ASCE- NH President Logan Johnson for providing me a tour of the city. From the redeveloped Mill area on the Merrimack River to the new exits and extensions of I-93/293, the challenges and opportunities of infrastructure were readily seen. The largest city in the state is using infrastructure modernization to transform and attract high skilled workers as the city continues to transform. The nearby airport also serves as an important component in facilitating the movement of commerce and people to the city. After my tour, I met with the ASCE-NH membership and explained that their elected officials need to hear their voice on why infrastructure investment leads to economic growth and improved quality of life. Infrastructure investment is a partnership between federal, state and local officials. Our efforts at the U.S. Chamber is to gain federal action to modernize the nation’s infrastructure so our country can compete in a 21 st century economy. While the White House meeting was a setback, the need for federal action has not gone away and we look to partner with ASCE-NH and other stakeholders to continue to push action on this important issue. We also know that New Hampshire will again play an important role in the 2020 Presidential election, and it is incumbent for all of us to ask the candidates where they stand on infrastructure investment and their willingness to provide actionable solutions to this growing. I hope to come back to New Hampshire soon and hope your make your voice heard on the need to invest in America’s infrastructure! Ed Mortimer Vice President, Transportation Infrastructure United States Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Americans for Transportation Mobility Logan Johnson and Ed Mortimer