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POST SHOW REPORT-DEBURRING-EXPO www.ghmediabusiness.com two years.” Nor is there any question about this for Yamac Aksan, industrial engineer and proprietor of AKS Teknik Deburring and Marking Technologies in Turkey: “The trade fair is exceptionally well organised and the visitor profile is world-class. All of the visitors come with concrete tasks, and we’re able to establish precisely the kind of contacts we want. We’ll definitely be back again.” The depth to which the subject matter is explored at DeburringEXPO is illustrated by the experiences of Tanja Kanzy, marketing manager at Kullen-Koti GmbH: “Each visitor brings a concrete case involving a specific application along with him, so that consultation can begin immediately. Discussions about how which burrs can be removed can last as long as two hours. This is not the case at any other trade fair and it makes DeburringEXPO a very important event for us.” Marcel Prößler, Optical 3D Measuring Technology Sales at Alicona Imaging GmbH in Austria (participating for the second time as well), was also enthusiastic about the depth of the conversations: “All of the visitors are involved with the issues of deburring and edge rounding. As a result, we can advise them directly about how they can optimise their processes through the use of our measuring technology. We were able to generate lots of valuable leads with companies from a great variety of industry sectors. The tra de fair was very good for us.” High Levels of Satisfaction Amongst the Visitors Too The visitors’ reactions were also positive. For example, the visitor survey revealed that 85.8% were very satisfied to satisfied with the offerings presented at DeburringEXPO. More than 70% would recommend the trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing to their colleagues. Knowledge in Demand For nearly 30% of the visitors, the programme offered by the DeburringEXPO Forum influenced the day on which they attended the event. The presentations dealing with various issues covering all aspects of deburring, the production of precision surface finishes and cleaning after deburring were simultaneously interpreted for the first time (German <> English). A total of roughly 1000 visitors, including an evidently large number of international guests, took advantage of the expert forum during the three trade fair days, in order to gain in-depth knowledge and exchange experience. The next DeburringEXPO, which numerous exhibitors have already firmly scheduled in their trade fair calendars, will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 8th through the 10th of October, 2019. www.deburring-expo.de 75 of valuable leads: “Visitors at our booth came primarily from the automotive and aviation industries, as well as from the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics. We know the tier 1 suppliers and the big companies from these industry sectors. Here at the trade fair we’ve also been able to establish contact with tier 2 and 3 suppliers, as well as smaller companies, with whom we weren’t familiar in the past. And not only companies from Germany, but from many other countries as well such as Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the USA, India and Brazil. Trade fair participation has paid off four us and we’ll be back again in two years.” Jessica Lacovitti from the sales department at Italian machinery manufacturer Tecnomacchine was also highly satisfied: “We exhibited at a big machine tool trade fair a few weeks ago, but the most interesting visitors for us are very well represented here at DeburringEXPO. We came to Karlsruhe with the goal of maintaining existing customer relations, as well as establishing contact with new companies. We’ve been very successful with both and we’re very pleased that we participated at the trade fair. I think we’ll exhibit again at the next event in two years.” Joe Zou, Overseas Business Contact for Guangdong HESH Industry Technology Group Co., Ltd. in China, achieved his trade fair goals too: “We got to know some potential sales partners who will make it possible for us to export our products worldwide. And we’ve been able to establish contacts with potential end customers. I’m sure we’ll exhibit at the trade fair again.” And there’s no doubt for Adrian Forster, Barrel Finishing Sales Manager at Forplan AG in Switzerland, that his company will participate at the event in 2019 too: “Our solutions for small parts processing met with great interest on the part of visitors from the textiles industry, medical engineering and the automobile industry, as well as job-shop processors, and they generated lots of valuable leads. The trade fair went very well for us and we’ll be back again in