JUNE-JULY 2018 Nov-Dec 2017 - Copy - Page 73

POST SHOW REPORT-NEW LAUNCH the incorporation of machines in the automation system which was till date impossible because of the working area and the cab’s characteristics. For example, the operator’s area has been expanded to include direct-loading vertical five-axle machining centres. In the current project, the modular design of the RLS series allows a combination of different interference diameters in the shelves and additionally increased storage space with a turret in a driven rotation, moving, turning or tilting can be realized. Front access during ongoing process The special characteristics of the PHS Pro include the “front access” option. This is essential in machining centres in which the design only allows operator intervention at the front side. Front access is designed such that a cordoned off safety area allows the Paletthandlingsystem PHS 1500 single system. For the customer, it is important that the system has two set-up stations,despite the tight space available. Further standardization of the important set-up stations and the introduction of the modular concept means that functions, such as motor- www.ghmediabusiness.com New class: PHS Allround Liebherr specially developed the compact class PHS Allround for universal users. It will allow a large group of users to enter the world of flexible production in combination with 4- and 5-axis machining centres. The new modular concept in three weight classes for loads up to three tons is extremely flexible and can be individually configured and expanded. This corresponds to pallet sizes of 500 x 500 millimetres to 1000 x 1000 millimetres. Users can thus introduce flexible production systems with manageable investment and expand them when necessary. operator access to the system during ongoing operation. The other machines connected to the pallet handling system can still be used in parallel automatic mode. The development of the PHS Allround strictly followed the modular concept. In other words, the customer is able to combine preconfigured modules as needed FVWB2&WV&VVG3FP7F&vR6F26&R'&vVB6&7V"GFW&BFRVG2vFP"&R6W2Bg&B66W72खfW7FVG26&R7&VBfW FffW&VBW67FvW2B276&PF7F'BvFR"Gv6W2@7&V6RF2V&W"FffRFRvVvB6722&â2&F#s`&F'Fp77FV$0s0f"ƖV&W'"WBFƖr77FV0$22&B2&VBFW&Pv&RWr6V6G&FR&W@66RW&Fv&RFR&&GFRWrw&6ǒwVFV@FW&f6R66VG&FW2gV7F2FR6WFW"W6W"g&VFǐW"Bb&WV&VB6w0gV&GV7F6G&F26VFW0&W6W&6Rr7WGFrF2B0FFvVVBgW'FW&&RFW&P&R6FW&f6W2FFRU%77FV2ࢆFW6vVBf"G&7'BG2WF`F2v2ǒG&GV6VB#R@&7G2G2f'7B7FF2FRfVG0b6R67G'V7F&vRVvP&GV7F