JUNE-JULY 2018 Nov-Dec 2017 - Copy - Page 58

EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS Plast Eurasia istanbul 2017 Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, E-5 Karayolu, Gürpinar Kavsagi, 27 th INTERNATIONAL İSTANBUL PLASTICS INDUSTRY FAIR PLAST EURASIA International Istanbul Plastic Industries Fair Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey 06-09 Dec., 2017 Exhibitors Profile: Manufacturers Electric Electronic Industry Rubber Industry Recycling Organiser: Companies Control Systems Manufacturers Packaging Industry Label – Barcode Products Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions and Systems Metal Industry Home Appliances Industry Glass Industry Construction Industry Organization Inc. Automotive Industry Furniture Industry Paint Industry Food and Beverage Industries Medicine Industry Cosmetic Industry Pharmaceuticals Industry Agriculture and Stockbreeding Industries Cleaning Products Industry Textile Industry Tourism Industry Banking Information Technologies Consulting Firms. ENGIMACH Asia’s Most Dynamic Engineering, Machinery & Machine Tools Exhibition Mahatma Mandir Exhibition Centre, Sector 13C, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India 06-10 Dec., 2017 Organiser: Exhibitors Profile: CNC & SPM’s Hydraulic & Pneumatics, Cutting Tools, Metal Working & K & D Communications Ltd. Forming M/c., Robotics & Automation, Gears, Motor & Drive, Hand Tools, Wood Working Machinery, Chemical & Pharma Machinery, Press Brakes & Shears, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Machine Tools, Welding & Welding Consumables, Software Technology, CAD/CAM, Testing & Measuring Equipment, Metal Forming M/c., Drilling Machine Energy Conservation, Water Treatment & Specially Chemicals, Wire & Cables, Power Tools, ) ɕͽȰ5ѕɥ!)]1%9%)%ѕɹѥ]Qᡥѥ) QɅ ɔ %(ܴ)ᡥѽ́Aɽم]Aɽ͕̰ɽ9ՍȰ 9 5̰) ѕȁ]ɥՍѥQɅɽ ] \)=ɝ͕)%%ѥє]́եЀͽɥ̰ɥ ѥAɕɅѥ!ЁQɕѵа%ɥ)͕̰1͕ȁ] ѥ5ՙɥɥѥQ̰5ѕɥ)ՑMѕMх́Mѕյմѡȁ9ɽ́5х̰5ѕɥQѥ)ե̰EՅɅIѥ̀ ѕȁMɥ Ʌ饹եа)] յ̀M٥̸()A1MQ%Y%M%=8I %)%ѕɹѥѥɥѥᡥѥɕ)=ɝ͕)%A5) ɔMɩMɩU(ĴЁ)ᡥѽ́AɽI܁5ѕɥ̰ᥱɥ̰AѥAɽՍ́Aɽͥ5(եЁȁQAѥ́IՉȁ%ɥ̰5䀘AЁȁ͡)ɅѥAɥѥ5ɭM٥́ȁQAѥ́IՉȁ%)ܹ̹ͥ